4 Steps to Take When You’re in Need of RV Collision Repair

Accidents affect RVs just like they do other types of vehicles, but the repair costs can be much higher. The size of an RV and all of its systems, furnishings, and appliances make accidents potentially very costly. According to RoverPass, 32 is the average age of a first-time RV buyer, so most RV owners have a lot of driving experience. When that isn’t enough to prevent an accident, here are four steps to take when you need RV collision repair services.

1. File an Insurance Claim

Whether you caused the accident or someone else is liable, you’ll need to file an insurance claim. You should do so as soon as possible to directly tie any damage to the collision, so your insurer or an at-fault driver’s insurance will pay for repair costs up to policy limits. You can ask your insurer for any recommendations for approved RV repair services in your area if you are unsure of where to start.

2. Document All Damage

You should use a digital camera to photograph all damage to your RV. If you have a cellphone, it probably has a camera that can shoot and store digital photos or video. Carefully documenting the damage will help support any insurance claims and potential legal claims if there’s a dispute regarding fault or the extent of claimed damages to your RV.

3. Get a Body and Engine Repair Estimate

Your insurer or another insurer paying for RV collision repair work will need an estimate that affirms how much damage occurred to your RV and which systems and parts were affected. The estimates will help an insurer understand what was damaged and how much it will probably cost to fix it. You’ll need estimates of the damage to the exterior and the engine, which might require separate service providers to detail the cost of fixing your RV.

4. Get an Estimate to Fix the Interior and Appliances

An RV has more interior space and upholstery than any traditional private passenger vehicle. It also has appliances, plumbing, and other fixtures that add up fast when damaged in a collision. You’ll need to have your interior inspected to document the damage and what it will take to restore your RV’s interior to the same condition it was in before the accident.

When you need RV collision repair work done, you can call or visit our service facility to schedule work on your RV. We look forward to meeting you. Call now!

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