RV Tips for Camping Alone: Have Fun & Stay Safe!

Many families enjoy camping together, but we have loads of new and used RVs for sale for solo campers! Maybe your idea of the ultimate getaway is having some time to yourself in a smaller, compact RV. Getting to explore at your own pace and not have to make any decisions trying to make “everyone” happy can be just what the body and mind need, but it’s important to plan your trip mindfully. Here are some RV tips for camping alone!

RV Tips

Start Small

If you’ve never camped by yourself before, now is not the time to hit the wilderness. Remember, all responsibilities for camp life and safety are on your shoulders and not spread around to several people. Start small with familiar locations that are relatively close by.

RV Tips

Know Basic Skills

If you’re intending to camp with creature comforts, this is less of a pointer, but it’s still important to have basic skills. Grab the Survivalist app to help guide and develop skills for the following:

  • Starting a fire
  • Basic first aid
  • Navigation
  • Weather safety
  • Wildlife encounters
RV Tips

Communicate with Loved Ones

You might be wanting to go on a camping trip by yourself to take a much-needed break from people, and that’s fine. Still, it’s essential that you communicate with a couple of close family members or friends about your itinerary, where you’re going, how long you’ll be there, and if you’ll be with anyone else. If you’re in a place with cell service, make a plan to check in at certain times. Turn on your device’s location so that in the unlikely event of injury or emergency, you can better connect with help.

RV Tips

Contact Us Before You Go

If you already have an RV, we can help make sure it’s fit for the road with some RV service. We’ll take care of checking tires, fluid levels, batteries, and more, so you can spend your own mental energy on enjoying the trip.

We can also help you shop for the ideal new or used RV for just 1 or 2 people and the type of trip you want to have – from a luxury weekend getaway to a rugged, off-grid experience. Contact us today!

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