3 Tips on Keeping Your RV in Prime Condition

An RV can be a highly useful and versatile vehicle to travel and enjoy new experiences. An RV also can be a place where you get work done. According to Forbes, more RVs include office space to enable a greater balance of work and life. Whether you use your RV to get work done or strictly as a means of recreation, the following three tips will help you keep it in prime condition with the help of professional RV and camper detailing services.

1. Change Oil, Filters, and Coolant Frequently

An RV often travels long distances in faraway places, which might include driving up and down steep mountain roads or traveling through a hot desert sun. The engine can run hot and cause the oil to deteriorate quickly. Changing the oil and oil filter at least once a year will help keep the engine lubricated and running cool, per RV Life Pro. Flushing and filling the coolant is essential on top of changing the hoses if they show signs of cracking or hardness that might cause a leak. You also should change the fuel, engine, and cabin filters.

2. Inspect the Roof for Damage

The RV is very mobile and often works as your home away from home while traveling. Just like the roof on your home, you need to ensure the roof on your RV is in good condition by inspecting it closely for any signs of damage. If your RV has a ladder on the side or back, its roof will support your weight, so you can climb aboard and give it a close visual inspection. Many camper detailing services also routinely inspect the roof and other structural elements of an RV while detailing it to help keep it in excellent shape.

3. Keep the Water Tanks Clean

An RV has two types of water tanks that RV and camping detailing services can help keep clean. One tank holds drinking water so you can survive in rural places for extended periods. That needs to be as clean as possible to prevent contamination and potential illnesses from bacteria that might get inside. The other type is the gray water tank, which is wastewater. You can use an odor blocker to keep the wastewater tank from developing a foul odor, but you need to empty and disinfect it regularly to prevent especially bad odors and potential contamination inside the RV.

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