What Goes Into the Cost of RV Detailing?

Considering getting your recreational vehicle professionally detailed but aren’t sure what impacts the price? From the size of your RV to the level of cleaning you want, many factors determine detailing RV costs. Learning what goes into pricing can help you budget for a top-notch restoration service.

RV Size

Like real estate, one huge factor is location, location, location – except when detailing RVs it’s all about size, size, size. A small camper van takes far less time, effort, and cleaning products to detail compared to a large 40-foot motorhome. Be prepared for higher rates detailing bigger vehicles with more external surface area and larger interior living spaces. According to Gitnux, the U.S. accounts for nearly 40% of RV sales worldwide. With so many RVs in the United States, sizes and detailing costs can vary.

Level of Detail

There will be various different levels of detailing you can opt for. Common packages include exterior wash and wax only all the way up to thorough front-to-back cleaning, conditioning, and polishing inside and out. Higher prices come from the time and extent of detailing – removing every speck of dust to get your RV looking factory fresh again deserves better pay.

Product Quality

Good products cost good money, and you want a detailer who invests in and properly uses the most effective cleaners and protectants safe for your RV’s finishes. Quality materials containing concentrated formulas, natural oils, and rich waxes ensure a like-new shine that seals surfaces. The highest prices come from premium detailers using the industry’s finest products for unmatched results.

Reputable Companies

Established detailing RV shops with years of satisfied customers are likely to provide very thorough, quality work. These pros invest in ongoing training, and commercial equipment and have specialized expertise solely focused on properly restoring RVs. Their prices reflect top-tier services from a trusted, 5-star name. Newer independents usually offer lower rates.

Like any service industry, numerous factors account for pricing when detailing RVs. Evaluating rates isn’t just about the bottom-line cost comparison. It’s also about the return on investment you receive from superior workmanship and materials that extend your vehicle’s beauty while protecting its value. Spending a little more means enjoying pristine results from the inside out for years of camping adventures ahead. When you’re ready to get to detailing RV professionally, we are here to help. Call Discover RV for an estimate or to schedule an appointment.

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